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Real Hummingbirds of 2023 Desk Calendar

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Hummingbirds fly like no other birds can. They fly forward, backward, and even upside down. They are the only vertebrae capable of hovering for a period of time during flight. Despite being the smallest of all bird species, their brain makes up 4.2% of is weight; proportionally, that is the largest of any bird's. By comparison, human brains are only 2% of our body weight.

We have taken 13 of our favorite hummingbirds and put them in this gorgeous desk calendar. In addition to the fiery throated beauty on the front, you will find a marvelous spatuletail, a red-tailed comet, a white-necked Jacobin, an Ecuadorian hillstar, a long-tailed sylph, a crowned woodnymph, a wire-crested thorntail, a Rufous-crested coquette, a juvenile velvet-purple coronet being fed, a white-booted racket-tail, a sword-billed hummingbird, and we'll end the year with a snowcap. This design is an Edmonds Love exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

Decorate your surroundings in custom style with this exclusively Edmonds.Love designed desk calendar. Available in one size (10" x 5"), each calendar comes with high quality, 250gsm paper and a spiral bound at the top.