Ailurophile - a person who loves cats

Ailurophile - a person who loves cats


An Ailurophile is a person who loves cats.

When we think of cats, we think of all Felidae, which include the domestic house cat but also lion, tiger, lynx, snow leopard, cougar, panther, cheetah...and many more.

Cats have the most diverse fur pattern of all terrestrial carnivores. That is only one of the amazing things about cats that fascinate us.

For our fellow cat lovers we have created a collection of ailurophile products so you can live your cat loving life to the fullest!

Ailurophile Resources

Here we will start our list of things that cat lovers will find helpful. Please comment with your suggestions.

Cat Videos

We might as well start with cat videos since they seem to still be incredibly popular.  This video has almost 7 million views. It's a one hour compilation of short videos of cats doing funny and adorable things.

Cat Store

Where do you shop for your cat things? Right now, we like and recommend Chewy as a resource.  Chewy is an internet pet store with great selection, good prices and a strong customer and pet focus.

Cat Health

Keeping your cat healthy is a top priority for all ailurophiles. So many resources are available. The same Web MD you may know for humans is now available for pets. Check out the Web MD Healthy Cat Center

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