Anthophile - a person who loves flowers

Anthophile - a person who loves flowers


An anthophile is a person who loves flowers.  

In that case, we at Edmonds.Love are anthophiles for sure. One of the reasons we love Edmonds and the PNW is because of the flowers here. In our backyard we've got Roses, Camillia, Rhododendron, Clematis, Dahlia, Passion flower, Lilac, Jasmine, Peony and several other vines and flowers.

Camellia FlowerClematis vineClematis Flower 

Anthophile Designs

We have a growing number of designs that are dedicated to people who love.

We invite you to take a look at our Anthophile Collection

Resources for Anthophiles

Where to get flowers

Important question. We're talking about beautiful, fresh cut from the farm flowers here. We have several ideas:

Edmonds Summer Market

The Edmonds Market is always on Saturdays from 9:00 to 2:00 at 5th and Bell in Downtown Edmonds. There is a Garden Market May thru mid June and a Summer Market from June thru October.

Amazing Bouquet of flowers from Edmonds Summer Market
Ace Hardware

Well, not really Ace, but on weekends you will find flowers for sale in the far end of the Ace parking lot near Furi Chinese and Nancy's Nails.

There is another spot on the corner of 4th and Dayton which also has fresh cut flowers on weekend mornings.

Pike Place Market

The perfect place to find fresh flowers and always worth the drive. When we go there we splurge and for $25 we get an incredible HUGE bouquet.


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