Astrophile - a person who loves stars


An astrophile is a person who loves stars

The wonder of the stars above us and the universe beyond is deep stuff. What better place to enjoy studying stars than the PNW.

The Sunrise region of Mount Rainier National Park is considered to be one of the premier sites to view celestial events in Washington State. You could also take a trip out to the peninsula to see what the sky looks like when there is no light pollution.

Gifts for Astrophiles

Astrophile Products

Sip coffee in your astrophile mug while you watch the stars through your telescope in your favorite astrophile t-shirt

Astrophile Resources

Eye Candy

NASA's astronomy picture of the day is a fun site to check regularly for amazing images astrophiles crave.

We remember when the hubble launched.  Now it's 30 years old. These are's most amazing hubble photos of all time.


Edmonds college offers Astronomy in their STEM education offering.

Join an Astronomy club. The Astronomical League has an excellent site with resources all across the country.

Mark your calendar for watching astrological events 

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