Picture of a rainbow from the beach at Brackett's Landing

Brackett's Landing near the Edmonds Ferry is a magical spot bustling with activity and nature

The busiest park in Edmonds

We went to Brackett's Landing this morning as we do many mornings. It was quite busy for a Tuesday during the pandemic with cars and pedestrians coming and going. I bet a lot of local Edmonds people drive in to the end, loop around the very handy cul-de-sac, and drive slowly out just to look around.  We've done it. 

Usually there is plenty of parking so we stop for at least a few minutes to observe the seagulls float effortlessly above the ferry dock or admire the divers getting ready for a dive into the chilly water before we head to Top Pot for some doughnuts.

Brackett's landing is right next to the Edmonds Ferry landing so it's a great place from which to watch the ferry.  There is a small building with public restrooms and a nice long pathway that extends out into the water.  

Named for George Brackett, our local hero

George Brackett landed here on what would become the shore of Edmonds back in 1870 and he subsequently purchased a large portion of the shoreline in 1876.  Brackett's landing was named in his honor in 1972.

Diving is a big deal here

You will almost always see some people planning to scuba dive or returning from a dive at the Edmonds Underwater Park.  This amazing park was started by a local Edmonds man named Bruce Higgins.  Here is a great story about him.  Our favorite thing is this video by Annie Crawley which shows the incredible beauty of the underwater park and discusses the importance of the park and the Salish Sea and the Pacific Ocean in our lives.  Being connected to the ocean is something that makes Edmonds great!  

Like all our favorite places in Edmonds, we decided to make a T-shirt design for Brackett's Landing

We hope you love Brackett's Landing as much as we do.  

Lamp post and bench at Brackett's Landing


 panorama of the walking path to the water at Brackett's Landing

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