Entomophile - a person who loves insects

Entomophile - a person who loves insects


People who are interested in insects can be called entomophiles.  Entomo comes from the Ancient Greek ἔντομος which actually can be translated "dissected" and appears in context with dissecting insects. Entomo came to mean insect and entomophile, insect lover. It can also be a type of plant, or pollen, that is carried by insects rather than by the air.

For our purposes, we are interested in the bugs. Insects make up half the animal biomass on the planet. Some work together in huge societies. Some live only one day or hatch every 17 years. Some eat their mates after copulation. To say they are fascinating would be a substantial understatement.

Entomophile Designs

We've got shirts and notebooks and a growing list of items you can find that are perfect for people who love and study insects.

Entomophile on Edmonds.Love

We also have an Etsy store with lots of great entomophile t-shirts, notebooks and other cool products for bug lovers. One of our top selling favorites has 40 incredible insects on it! We even have some designs in sizes for the little ones. 

Entomophile Resources

This is where we will list out our favorite resources for insect lovers. Your input and recommendations, dear reader, are much appreciated.

For Kids

If you have a Young entomophile at home, this handy bug journal is currently less than $10 on Amazon.com

Entomophile Movies


Top of the list is the French film Microcosmos. Even though it came out in 1996, the photography is still as good as some of the really modern stuff. This movie shows the power of a rainstorm on the lives of insects and has footage of a dung beetle trying to push a round ball of dung up a massive hill backwards. This one is worth owning on DVD, especially if you have kids. The film won five César Awards, including Best Cinematography and Best Music. Be warned, however, there are scenes of slugs mating!



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