Favorite Places in Edmonds List

Favorite Places in Edmonds List

Edmonds.Love First List of Favorite Places in Edmonds

Now look, we've only lived here for 8, eight, years but we've been a few places in and around Edmonds. It's time for our first list of favorites. We will write about each place one at a time featuring the latest here. Since this is the first one there is no list, yet.

Addendum: added #2 below. List is forming. 11/26/22

1.) Country Farms Edmonds

We're starting with Country Farms in Edmonds on Hwy 99 and 228th St. SW. What a wonderful market!

The parking is super easy and perfect for Olga.  By the way, if you are driving on 99, pay attention to the road! Yes, there are tons of interesting things to look at, and you can go fast, but don't be one of the maniacs zooming down the road sending text messages with one hand. They've see multiple accidents on 99 from Country Farms sometimes three in a single day.

We like local for so many reasons. First and foremost, we want to support our local community, Edmonds, so any Edmonds business is going to get some love from Edmonds.Love. We do also love businesses outside of Edmonds, especially on the West Coast. 

Apparently, Country Farms started with one man and a truck in 1946.  Jay Waters built the company starting with his pickup truck and the family business has grown to serve Edmonds, Everett, Lake Stevens and Burlington. Over 75 years in business! Who doesn't love a story like that.

Local also means that most of the products are West coast local including AZ, CA and WA. That means the produce is outstandingly fresh. It also tends to be better quality and cheaper than what you find in the grocery store. All of this plus a lower carbon footprint. What is not to like.

In fact, we're looking for more local markets to get products more and more.  The Edmonds Market (Saturday) and Ballard Market (Sunday) are both excellent places to find great local food.

Check out this basket of yummy produce we just picked up.

fruit and vegetables in a bowl

Country farms also has a wide selection of melons so we are going to try them all.  So far, we've tried the Santa Claus melon, the Canary melon and Honeydew. All of them were incredible. We let the Santa Claus melon get ripe for the longest time and it was so juicy.

On our most recent trip we got the pinkaboo strawberries which are called pine berries.  They are pink and look like they are not ripe.

pink pineberries on a plate

Just had our first taste of the Pine berry and...it's a lot like a strawberry. The seeds are bigger and tougher and the texture is slightly different but that strawberry sweetness is abundant.

Enjoy Country Farms Edmonds!

2.) Claire's Pantry


We've been going to Claire's for years now and we keep going back for several reasons. First, the food is quality and feels like home cooking. You can get a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy any day of the week. The eggs Benedict passes our rigorous quality and authenticity check, which many local Benedicts don't.

Second, the staff there are wonderful! Shout out to our fiends Debbie, Anna and the whole team at Claire's! Sincerely, the service is top notch, very friendly and we feel like kings and queens when we arrive.

Don't forget to try the Long Island iced tea but don't have more than one if you plan to do anything else that day.

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