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For people who love owls

We love owls!

What's not to love? These amazing creatures are so incredibly unique and fun.

Fun facts about owls

A group of owls is called a parliament. That makes us laugh to imagine a group of owls sitting around with powdered wigs and robes, thinking deeply about important political issues.
Over 200 species of owls live everywhere on earth except Antarctica.

Resources for owl fans

We've identified some great resources for owl lovers!
The Owl Research Institute has been doing research and driving owl conservation efforts for 33 years.
National Geographic has some great owl facts.
20 fun facts about owls from The Spruce

Looking for owl gifts?

We love owls so much we created this awesome new 2023 owl calendar with 13 images of amazing owls.
How about these adorable Owl earrings? You can get them on amazon.com for $10 last time we checked.
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Of course we love Etsy and the cool owl items you can find there will blow your mind. Something on our wishlist is this really cute owl ring you can find on sale for only $14! 
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