Pogonophile - a person who loves beards


A pogonophile is a person who loves beards

I'm loving my beard today because it's reached that state where it looks good with no maintenance required. That has to be one of the great benefits of wearing a beard: low maintenance. It definitely beats shaving. Another great benefit is that certain of the more refined women really know how to appreciate a good beard.

If you happen to be a woman who appreciates a good beard we have good news, our new Pogonophile design T is unisex with a variety of cute colors for you and your man.  

Pogonophile Resources

You can have good and bad beard days just like hair days. Here is where we will list recommended pogonophile resources and gifts.

Beard Trimming

It's great to not have to shave every day but it's also true that your beard will need some level of grooming. If you're into the mountain man look, you can get away with doing literally nothing for many years. People might call you sasquatch or you might start looking for your own sasquatchina. Whatever, float your boat.


Before we even get into trimmers let's address the need to catch all those little tiny hairs. Trim your beard over the sink a few times and maybe let about a gajillion hairs go down the drain and see how long it takes your sink to stop up. Not to mention those tiny hairs get all over the counter and in the toothpaste.

Keep it clean with a beard bib. Maybe you saw these beard nerds on shark tank:

The Beard King - these guys offer a unique beard bib. It's like a normal bib that has suction cups at the bottom of the bib to attach to the mirror, creating the perfect catch for those little tiny hairs.

picture of the beard bib by beard king

Not entirely sure if the beard king was first with this design and you can now find their product and many other knock offs on Amazon.com. I bought a knock off and it was cheaper but the suction cup broke and I had to fix it with a toothpick. Can you say kludgy? 

The deluxe Beard king is only, you guessed it, $19.99. That one has a tray for holding your trimming tools, a self packing pouch and extra hooks you can use to hang the bib and take a break. They have a lite version without those things for $14.99. 



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