Orca fin in Puget Sound near Port Susan

Whales are the best thing about the Puget Sound hands down


Everyone has an opinion about what they love best about the Puget Sound Region. For Edmonds.Love it has to be whales.

We don't take this position lightly and we'd love to hear your comments about what you love best about Edmonds, Greater Seattle, Puget Sound and the entire Northwest.  The mountains, the trees, the amazing creatures of all kinds, the temperate climate, the clean fresh water... The list continues. We can never have too many things to love and we love them all!

But whales are so outrageously, spectacularly large and powerful and intelligent. We know very little about them but we are learning. If there was anything positive about the Covid-19 pandemic, the shutting down of economies and the quieting of the sea waters seems to have done the whales some good.

Anecdotally, we can say that this summer, we're off to a roaring start.  This is partly because we learned where to look for Grey Whales just off the Jetty in Everett, WA.  This is where they feed for ghost shrimp this time of year (May and June). We've seen them feeding and we just saw an interesting interaction between an Orca POD and a Grey Whale.

Orca fin looming above the water on Puget Sound near Port Susan

orca fins above the water of puget sound with cascade mountains in the distance

If you love whales as much as we do, check out our whale watching team t-shirt design.  There are also some great designs about the things people love to do on the water.

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