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Marvelous Mushrooms of 2024 Desk Calendar

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Mushrooms. They are genetically closer to humans than plants, and are the largest life forms on earth. We have taken 13 of the most incredible mushrooms we could find and put them in this gorgeous calendar for you. In addition to the ever so popular fly agaric on the cover, you will find morels, chanterelles, a lion's mane, yatsa gunbu, European white truffles, a bleeding tooth mushroom, cordyceps militaris, hen of the woods, chicken of the woods, old man of the woods, a veiled lady, and we'll finish off the year with a fabulous octopus stinkhorn.

This incredibly designed calendar is an Edmonds Love exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. This personalized desk calendar is designed to bring a much-needed lively tone to any workspace. .: One size: 10" x 5" (25cm x 12.5cm) .: Paper thickness: 250 gsm