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Mightiest Monkeys of 2024 Desk Calendar

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Who doesn't love a calendar full of monkeys? We have found 13 of our mightiest monkeys and put them in this calendar for you. We'll start out with a debonair olive baboon on the cover, followed by a a red-shanked douc, a pgymy marmoset, a very regal looking emperor tamarin, a gelada, a Colombian red howler, a bald uakari, a golden snub-nosed monkey, a mandrill, a proboscis monkey, a Barbary macaque, a spider monkey, and we'll end the year with a beautiful snow monkey.

Decorate your surroundings in custom style with this Edmonds.Love exclusively designed desk calendar. Available in one size (10" x 5"), each calendar comes with high quality, 250gsm paper and a spiral bound at the top. Add your own calendar layout and bring a daily staple to life.