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Spiders of 2024 Desk Calendar

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This fabulous desk calendar takes 13 of the coolest spiders and highlights each one on its own page. In addition to that gorgeous spiny orb-weaver on the front, you'll find a fringed ornamental tarantula, a ladybird spider, a golden silk spider, a wasp spider, a Gooty sapphire ornamental spider, a brown recluse spider, a bold jumping spider, a black widow, a jeweled spider, a long horned orb-weaver, an orchard spider, and the year finishes off with an Sydney funnel-web spider.

This design is an Edmonds Love exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. This personalized desk calendar is designed to bring a much-needed lively tone to any workspace. .: One size: 10" x 5" (25cm x 12.5cm) .: Paper thickness: 250 gsm