Gift Shopping Guide for Spider Lovers

We love spiders!

Spiders are such magical creatures. They are fierce hunters and can spin the most beautiful webs. There are so many reasons why we love spiders!

Whenever we see a spider in the house we let them be since they are most likely finding and eating other bugs that have invaded our home. 

There are such a wide variety of spiders. They all demand a closer look. 

What do you call a spider lover?

Spiders have eight legs and are classified as arachnids which include other eight legged creatures such as scorpions, harvestmen, tics and mites.  

Arachnophile - A person who loves spiders

Arachnid refers to eight legged creatures but comes from the ancient story of Arachne. She was such a skillful weaver she dared to challenge the gods. That usually ends badly and in this case, Arachne was turned into a spider but at least she was able to continue weaving beautiful webs.

Spider Lover or Arachnophile Gift Ideas

24 unique spiders design

Here is our design featuring 24 unique spiders you can get on t-shirts, notebooks, calendars and posters. Each one of these spiders is worthy of it's own shirt. Lets look at them more closely.

Wasp spider

These harmless (to humans) spiders are colored to look like wasps which helps them avoid predators. They eat whatever they catch in their web. The females are much larger than the males and they will eat the males so mating, for the male is tricky.

Orange kneed tarantula

Sometimes also called the Mexican red kneed tarantula, these beautiful spiders have red or orange stripes around some of their joints. Their bite is apparently similar to a bee sting.  They are nocturnal hunters not web spinners.

Black widow

The black widow is probably the most well known spider on the planet. They live on all continents except Antartica, and there are many varieties. They are poisonous but not as terrible as most people think. You probably won't die. Males are not poisonous and apparently they don't get eaten as often as their namesake implies. 

Brazilian black and white tarantula


Ant mimic crab spider

Giant huntsman

Trap door spider

Golden orb spider

Green lynx spider

Spiny orb weaver 


24 unique spiders


Adult T-shirt with 24 unique stupendous spiders

Youth T-shirt with 24 unique stupendous spiders

Toddler T-shirt with 24 unique stupendous spiders

Adult Arachnophile T-shirt - a person who loves spiders


Spiral bound notebook with 24 unique stupendous spiders


Arachnophile enamel camping mug

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