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Stupendous Spiders T-shirt with 24 unique spiders

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How do you feel about arachnids? Do you have your own spidey sense? If so, this design is for you. We have found twenty-four unique and stupendously cool spiders and put them all together on a t-shirt. You will find the following amazing arachnids: wasp spider, orange kneed tarantula, black widow, Brazilian black and white tarantula, ant-mimic crab spider, giant huntsman spider, trapdoor spider, golden orb spider, green lynx spider, spiny orb-weaver, jeweled spider, ant-mimic spider, ogre-faced spider, Gooty sapphire ornamental spider, ladybird spider, whip spider, daddy long leg spider, pinktoe tarantula, Goliath birdeater, wolf spider, blue garden spider, jumping spider, Sydney funnel web spider, and a long-horned orb-weaver.

Order one for your favorite arachnophile today!

This design is an original Edmonds.Love exclusive you can't get from anyone else, printed and shipped from California on a unisex jersey short sleeve t-shirt.

CHEST SIZE (in inches) XS (31"-34") S (34"-37") M (38"-41") L (42"-45") 2XL (50"-53") 3XL (54"-57") 4XL (58"-61)

This shirt is made in the USA from 100% airlume combed and ring spun cotton by Bella and Canvas. We find this to be the softest and best quality cotton for printing T-shirts. We think you will agree they are the best because:

- They are incredibly soft and durable
- They fit great for men and women in all sizes
- They are made in the USA
- They are eco-friendly
- They come in a huge variety of sharp colors


Don't see the color, style or size you want? Other questions? Please let us know! text: 425-678-2206 or email: