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Awesome Ants Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line

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Ants, ants, and more ants! Some people might cringe at the idea of ants, thinking of them as pests. There are others of us, however, who just cannot get enough of them. We have taken twenty of the coolest ants we could find and bundled them onto this t-shirt. Wear it and show off the following awesome ants: Asian weavers, a sugar ant, a wood ant, a myrmica red, acrobat ants, an odorous ant, a moisture ant, a super cool thief ant, an Argentine ant, pyramid ants, a bullet ant, solenopsis fire ants, a bigheaded ant, a leafcutter, tetramorium ants, a harvester ant, a ghost ant, a small honey ant, a carpenter ant, and a couple of tawny crazy ants.

Use this Edmonds Love exclusively designed notebook for shopping lists, school notes or poems - 118 page spiral notebook with ruled line paper is a perfect companion in everyday life. The durable printed cover makes the owner proud to carry it everywhere.

.: 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets)
.: Front cover print
.: Dark grey back cover