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Dapper Ducks of 2024 Desktop Calendar

Dapper Ducks of 2024 Desktop Calendar

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Quack quack!  Gather around, duck lovers!  We have a fabulous calendar for you.  In addition to the stunning Harlequin duck on the cover, you will find the following dapper ducks:  a king eider soaring through the air, a long-tailed duck, a vibrant colored Mandarin duck, a hooded Merganser, a pink-eared duck, a smew duck with panda-like markings, a spectacled eider, a surf scoter, a white-face whistling duck, a Baikal teal duck, a mesmerizing wood duck, and we'll end the year with a charming ruddy duck.

Decorate your surroundings in custom style with this Edmonds.Love exclusively designed desk calendar. Available in one size (10" x 5"), each calendar comes with high quality, 250gsm paper and a spiral bound at the top.


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