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Dominating Dinosaurs T-shirt

Dominating Dinosaurs T-shirt

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Who doesn't love dinosaurs?  We have taken twenty of the most dominating dinosaurs we could find and called them out on this shirt for you: stegosaurus, diplodocus, ichthyosaurus, troodon, velociraptor, ankylosaurus, pteradactyl, triceratops, dreadnoughtus, pachycephalosaurus, brachiosaurus, spinosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, archaeopteryx, deinonychus, therizinosaurus, dilophosaur, parasauralophus, compsognathus, and last but not least, an elasmosaurus. Wear this shirt and show all of your friends that YOU are the dinosaur master.

This design is an original Edmonds.Love exclusive you can't get from anyone else, printed and shipped from California on a unisex jersey short sleeve t-shirt.

CHEST SIZE (in inches) XS (31"-34") S (34"-37") M (38"-41") L (42"-45") 2XL (50"-53") 3XL (54"-57") 4XL (58"-61)

This shirt is made in the USA from 100% airlume combed and ring spun cotton by Bella and Canvas. We find this to be the softest and best quality cotton for printing T-shirts. We think you will agree they are the best because:

- They are incredibly soft and durable
- They fit great for men and women in all sizes
- They are made in the USA
- They are eco-friendly
- They come in a huge variety of sharp colors


Don't see the color, style or size you want? Other questions? Please let us know! text: 425-678-2206 or email:

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