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Koi Fish Watercolor Outdoor Pillows

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Like the fabled Hanako, a fish rumored to have lived for 226 years, nishikigoi, or koi as they are more commonly known, continue to capture the imaginations of people everywhere. They are a colorful variety of the Amur carp and kept in outdoor ponds and water gardens worldwide for decorative enjoyment.

There are 24 different koi fish varieties and counting. They start as teeny-tiny fingerlings, but will grow to fit their accommodations, which means they can become super-sized beasts in the right environment. Some grow to 3 feet and more. The largest ever recorded was four feet long and 91 pounds, aptly named Big Girl.  That is one giant fish!

Koi fish symbolize persistence, determination, wealth, success, and good fortune. Perfect to grace your patio or outdoor space. This design is an Edmonds Love exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

The pillows are UV-resistant so you can count on the printed colors to stay vibrant for a long time to come. Additionally, their water and mildew-resistant nature make them the perfect candidates for carefree decorating.

.: 100% Spun Polyester
.: UV ray and water-resistant
.: Double sided print
.: Sewn seam closure
.: Comes in 4 sizes: 16"x16", 20"x14", 18"x18", and 20"x20"