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Peacock Tote Bag

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Growing up there was a small farm nearby and the family owned peacocks.  We could hear them shouting their mating calls in the spring and to this day their sounds make me wax nostalgic.  Today, my parents have their own peacocks and the 'leader' is named Kevin.  This design is an homage to Kevin and all other royal and regal peafowl out there. 

What we love most about this bag is the beautiful all over print. It's another Edmonds.Love exclusive design not available from anyone else.   

The bag itself is polyester, black on the inside, water resistant and easy to wipe out. The handle is soft black cotton, not nylon like some cheaper bags. 

This bag is perfect for everything you might carry to work, school, the beach or out on the town.   

Small = 12" x 12" x 3", Medium = 14" x 14" 4", Large = 16 x 16" x 5"