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Sharks of 2025 Desktop Calendar

Sharks of 2025 Desktop Calendar

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f you like sharks, you are going to love this exclusive Edmonds.Love designed calendar. In addition to the stunning tiger shark on the cover, you will find the following awesome sharks:  a whale shark, a hammerhead, a Greenland shark, an angel shark, a saw shark, an ornate wobbegong (in addition to them being ultra cool, I just like to say 'wobbegong'), a horn shark, a great white shark, a nurse shark, an epaulette shark, a short fin mako, and we will finish the year with a black tip reef shark.

This is an Edmonds.Love exclusive design and cannot be found elsewhere. It is available in one size (10" x 5"), and each calendar comes with high quality, 250gsm paper and a spiral bound at the top.

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