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Talavera Mexican Tile Inspired Tote Bag

Talavera Mexican Tile Inspired Tote Bag

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This design is inspired by Mexican hand-painted Talavera pottery and is an Edmonds Love exclusive. Talavera art represents a rich heritage of Spanish guild artisans of the Colonial period, brought to Puebla, Mexico in the 15th century. An art filled with bright colors, native floral and animal motifs, and old world designs. Commonly referred to as 'majolica' in Spain, Mexican Talavera draws its name from the 16th century Spanish pottery center, Talavera de la Reina.

What we love most about this bag is the beautiful all over print. The bag itself is polyester, black on the inside, water resistant and easy to wipe out. The handle is soft black cotton, not nylon like some cheaper bags. This bag is perfect for everything you might carry to work, school, the beach or out on the town. Small = 12" x 12" x 3", Medium = 14" x 14" 4", Large = 16 x 16" x 5"

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